Parties are always fun until you’re the one being tasked to plan it. There are so many ways to plan a party, and it can be quite hectic when you’ve never prepared for one. So, ready to plan your first party? Don’t worry as we’re going to make it easy and fun since it’s a party, not a meeting. In this article, we’ve prepared some tips on planning your party, starting from a checklist, budgeting and many more. If you’re feeling intimidated by the expectation of creating a great party, then look no further to reading this article.


checklistThe first thing that you need to do is to create a checklist of things that need to be done for the party. This list can start with the food, entertainment and even hiring performers if your party is bigger than a house party of course. You can always consult with your friends regarding what to do at the party, ask what they prefer and whether or not to hire an entertainer for the party. Indianapolis Magician for Special Events – Jon Finch is one of the entertainers that could be the one for your party. Doing a checklist can ensure you whether you’ve missed or forgotten something that should’ve been in the party.


budgetIf you’re struggling with the budgeting of the party, don’t worry as there’s a lot of ways to save your money but still have an awesome party. First, you have to find out what you can substitute for the party. Let’s say that ordering food will cost a lot of money, and to remedy this, you can cook the food yourself if you’re a good cook or order from a cheaper catering. Or maybe you can opt out of hiring an entertainer and settle down with some music from the speaker.

Have Extra

Always have an extra of everything at the party, just in case, something goes wrong. Let’s say that your friend brings an unwanted guest even though you prepared the food just for the right amount or maybe the speaker broke down at the last moment. So, always have an extra of your stuff just in case things happen.

Guest List

If it’s a big party and you don’t want random people to crash on your party, make sure to have a guest list and to make sure that the bouncer or staff doesn’t allow anyone in if they’re not on the guest list. Sounds a bit extreme but you wouldn’t want a random strange in your party, right?