a kneeboard

Kneeboarding is among the oldest water sports. It is a fun, thrilling, and unique experience that tests your focus and balance skills while having immeasurable fun on the water. However, your child may miss out on the fun if the correct equipment is not acquired to suit the size. Whether your child is a starter or intermediate, there is much more to understand concerning kneeboard equipment.

Types of Kneeboards


There are two significant kinds of kneeboards, namely competitive and recreational. Each board is suited for specific riders, whereby beginners tend to take up recreational boards while experienced riders will settle for competitive kneeboard. Moreover, recreational kneeboards offer the right balance but center stability, control, and comfort. These boards will be ideal for small kids since they have simple designs and balance and turn easier. On the other side, competitive kneeboards are best for those searching for speed, tracking, and turning capability.

Style of Kneeboards

The popular kneeboard styles are slalom and trick. Knowing your kind of kneeboarding will help you identify the correct one for you. Furthermore, when you choose a style, you will have a chance to get the maximum out of your time on the water. With slalom kneeboards, you will enjoy improved speed and capability at turning. It has sharper edges that allow you to carve through the water smoothly. The trick style has round bottom and edges, which improve your landing tricks and stunts.

Board Construction and Material

Most of the market’s kneeboards are of a universal size, where everyone can use and have fun. However, the board has various accessories and features to consider, of which some are standard while others may be addons. Some of the common elements and accessories include hook, fins, rockers, and straps. Moreover, since the clip holds the handle and permits you to get onto the kneeboard at the start, it is a feature that all beginners should consider. Therefore, ensure that you get to have most of the accessories if your child is a beginner.kneelboards


Although kneeboarding is a sport for everybody, it takes the right board to make your ride memorable and achieve your goals. Hence, take some time to understand what you are looking to accomplish in kneeboarding, the type of ride that suits your kid, and the experience level. For instance, if you need tricks, look for a board with a higher rocker. Similarly, if you need a slalom ride, select a board with a flat bottom with stiff, narrow rails.