Video games are a smarter way to reduce boredom. You get the chance to defeat your opponent and learn from the game as well. The addiction kicks in when you win a single level. You want to finish all the levels and beat all the opponents in the game. When you are winning and cannot access the results, the game becomes tiresome. When you see your rank, the urge for completing your mission overpowers. You want to get your PC and get on the war zone. Here are four requirements to access your Fortnite games and stats tracker for Fortnite on mobile.

1. Compatible Smartphone

Fortnite games need faster and proper equipment. You cannot compare the person playing a regular set from the store with another person playing the Nintendo games. It is a total difference in the level of enjoyment. When you are a real player and master of the games, what you need is a compatible smartphone to check your stats. Regular smartphones might not have the ability to access fornite games; thus, it is hard to check the stats. You will always get an error when you try to look for the stats in a simple smartphone. When you are using android, make sure it is above 5.0, 3 GB RAM and the right GPU.

2. Stable Internet Connection

You cannot check your stats when you are offline. However, internet buffering for a long time may not help you. Instead, you will have frustrations. When you are with your friends, and everyone is bragging about their ranks, that feeling makes you check your stats. You cannot be patient to wait for a slow internet to buffer on your screen for minutes before connecting. Your friends might begin striking against you because they think you are hiding something. A stable internet connection gives you the results once you log in to the portal.

3. Username Credibility

fortniteBeing human is complicated. You have many things to store in your brain; from passwords to a username. The info needs to match for you to get in the site and access the leader-board. When you forget your username, the process of changing your credentials might be tiresome making you quit. You forget about the account for good and may not be able to check your stats in the future. You may need to write the credentials on a piece of paper, so you remember.

4. Positivism on the Results

You might take the game lightly, but for some people, it is a hustle. Nowadays, people play games to earn money. They might be in a betting competition, so the ranks and results matter to them. Finding people who commit suicide because of a simple game achievement is not odd. If you cannot do that, then do not assume other people are like you. They may take everything seriously and decide to act upon their failure. Learn to make every reward positive because negativity might accelerate your depression levels; hence, you over-think to the point of committing a crime. When you cannot access the stats of your game, try to check the phone compatibility once again.